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Volunteers pitch in to clean up during TPaRbor Day

Elisa Gonzales
Volunteers at TPaRBOR Day on Saturday, November 13th

Volunteers with TPR and the SA River Warriors helped pull weeds and clean up trash from the area located just south of downtown San Antonio on Saturday, November 13th.

River Warrior member Jessica Theys was glad to be around others who like to clean and maintain the Earth.

"I came in, they gave me the equipment I needed, and then I just started picking up trash. There was a lot of trash I didn't expect to have like my bag almost full. I'm actually glad there's a lot who are very passionate about picking up after the Earth. It was really fun," she told TPR News

Elisa Gonzales

The Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration and Recreation Project has restored an eight-mile stretch of the San Antonio River into a quality natural riparian woodland ecosystem. In 2014, the San Antonio River Authority gave Texas Public Radio the opportunity to adopt a 3.4-acre stretch of natural area on the southeast corner of the Theo Avenue bridge, which we call the TPaRbor.