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World Heritage Office Unveils New Mural Honoring Stinson Sisters

A huge mural was unveiled Wednesday morning on a hangar at Stinson Airport on the city's South Side. Two of San Antonio's pioneering pilots from the early 1900s are the mural's primary focus, and those two pilots were sisters Katherine and Marjorie Stinson. The Stinson sisters were some of the world's first female pilots, setting multiple flight records early on. The mural is described by the World Heritage Office's Colleen Swain.

"In addition to Katherine and Marjorie Stinson--their portraits--it has some young girls in the foreground with their eyes, they're looking to the sky. And basically, this is to show how the next generation will build upon the accomplishments of these women and become trailblazers themselves."

The project is a part of the city's World Heritage designation, and the first of 10 murals that will be going up in four different locations, all on or adjacent to the Mission Reach trail.

"The next four murals will be along Villamain.  Then there are four more planned under U.S. Highway 90, where U.S. 90 crosses over Presa, Roosevelt, Steves and Mission roads. And then the last one will be at Mission Parkway and Southwest Military Drive."

Artists are selected from the neighborhoods where the murals are to be painted, and mural subjects are gleaned from public meetings the World Heritage Office is hosting.  

·         April 4, 2017 - Public Art Committee Meeting - Agenda

·         April 17, 2017 - IH 90 Public Art Murals Community Meeting - Notice

·         April 18, 2017 - San Antonio Art Commission Meeting - Agenda

·         May 2, 2017 - San Antonio Arts Commission Meeting - Agenda

·         May 3, 2017 - Stinson Airport Mural Dedication - Notice

·         May 18, 2017 - Mission Parkway Mural Community Meeting