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San Antonians Remember The Great '85 Snowstorm

Thirty-two years ago Thursday something pretty dramatic happened in San Antonio Weather.


"We saw up to 13 and 1/2 inches of snow that fell in a 24-hour period...easily shattering and breaking the previous record of only 5 inches," says the National Weather Service's Jason Runyen.

Runyen is a long-time San Antonian, and he remembers it from the standpoint of an 8-year-old.

"We were building a snowman, I remember sledding down the street. We did get a snow day, so Monday we were out of school," he says.

Something a lot of San Antonians didn't know, or forgot, was the inch and a half of snow that fell two weeks previous.

"So, there was two snow storms in about a two-week span, something that just doesn't usually happen this far south," Runyen says.

Lorraine Pulido was a high school freshman at Harlandale, and remembers it well.

Credit National Weather Service

"None of us had ever had a snowball fight," Pulido says. "It was our first time. We knew that that's kind of what you had to do, from watching TV and movies."

Pulido posted a picture on Facebook showing her next to a snowman as tall as she was.

"I'm kind of taken aback by the fact that the snowman seems to be  dressed in better attire than I am. Something warmer. He's wearing a blanket--a sarape. And I'm over here with a very light jacket, which I think is the best that we had at the time."

The storm just about brought San Antonio to a standstill for three days, as it stuck, and then stayed on the ground.  This afternoon's high temperature: 79.