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Bexar Delegate In Cleveland Sees Party Getting Behind Trump

Shelley Kofler
Texas Public Radio
Bexar County GOP delegate Ginny Shannon is in Cleveland

Bexar County delegate Ginny Shannon originally supported Marco Rubio but says when it became clear Trump would win the nomination she got behind him.  

“I believe he will be a warrior for our party, that he will fight for immigration reform, for welfare reform,” Shannon said from Cleveland.

Shannon, a first time delegate, was on the convention floor in Cleveland when Trump became the nominee Tuesday night, and on Monday when anti-Trump delegates unsuccessfully tried to derail the billionaire’s nomination.

The retired educator said having most elected Republican officials behind Trump will help unify the Party. 

As for the holdouts:  “If they cannot vote for Donald Trump they are essentially voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Patterson said one of the things that has most impressed her about the convention is the very tight security.

Some four-footed Texans are helping with that security. Ft. Worth has provided eight mounted police.