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Trump Met By Fewer Supporters Than Protesters For Country Club Fundraiser

Protestors and supporters of Donald Trump crowded Fredericksburg Road Friday afternoon as the presumptive Republican nominee spoke at a private fundraiser. San Antonio residents were able to conduct a peaceful protest without violence.

Sounds of dissent and support of Donald Trump’s visit echoed on both sides of Fredericksburg Road. From the protestors who chanted "Racist Go Home," to the supporters who yelled "Go, Trump Go."

Trump was speaking at the Oak Hills Country Club where plates from the luncheon ranged from $500 to several thousand dollars. Protestor Sean Holmes says he came to try to "stop the hate the trump campaign is spreading."

“He makes promises  that, even though knows he can't keep, he still decides to say. It’s throwing a lot of innocent people who just want a good president off. He’s pretty much just praying off weakness and it’s not going to go well in the long run.”

Supporters stood in front of the country club's entrance. Supporter Sherry Nole says she believes Trump would "go to the White House and bust up a whole lot of corruptness."

Credit Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio
Trump supporters lined the street in front of the Oak Hills Country Club where Trump was speaking

“I think he’s going to put people back to work again instead of just staying home drawing checks. I think he’ll open jobs and people will not have any excuse to not go to work.”

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There were no arrests or any violence and San Antonio Police Chief William McManus says communication is key.

“As long as we’re working with the leaders of the protestors, we know what they’re going to do, they know what we’re going to do and it all works out for the best.”

He says SAPD will set the standard for the nation. About 400 protestors and 70 to 80 supporters attended.

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