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Infectious-Disease Workshop Held In New Braunfels

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

After a case of Ebola in North Texas in 2014 took the life of a man and lead to the infection of two nurses who cared for him, the Texas Department of State Health Services wants to be prepared in the event of an infectious-disease outbreak.

State Health Services spokeswoman Christine Mann says A regional infectious-disease workshop is taking place this week in New Braunfels, according to State Health Services spokeswoman Christine Mann.

"It's aimed at assisting local entities, first responders, emergency responders, at preparing the best that they can for any type of public health emergencies such as a high consequence of infectious-disease. Ebola is one of them," said Mann. “It will take a look at what happened in 2014 with the Texas Ebola response. They’ll look at lessons learned, challenges, and how local entities are prepared for health emergencies.”

The workshop is one of eight taking place across the state this year.