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36 Of Texas' 38 Electors Cast Vote For Donald Trump

Ryan Poppe

Despite rallies being held outside the state capitol and some grumbling among those elected to cast a ballot, Trump received all but two of the Texas' 38 total electoral votes.

Credit Ryan Poppe
Protesters seen from chamber windows inside the Texas House

Those protesting the vote led rallies just below the Texas House chamber hoping those seated inside could hear their pleas that electors vote their conscious 

Inside the House chambers, electors spent 2 hours replacing four electors who had either resigned or would have been because of their jobs as federal and county employees

Then they  cast a majority of the state’s electoral votes for President-elect Donald Trump; one vote each went to former Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich, both of whom were not on the ballot.  The Texas Electorate Chairman Candace Noble announced the vote.

“For President:  Donald Trump, 36 votes, for Ron Paul, 1 vote and for John Kasich 1 vote.  By the way, Texas now puts President Trump over the top," Noble announced.

Credit Ryan Poppe

The news for some of those in the audience was too much to handle and they were asked to leave the House gallery by DPS troopers.

“And he convinced everyone in America or most of them that America isn’t great, but it is, it’s the greatest country in the world," the Unnamed protester screamed.

But inside a majority of Texas Republican electors seemed proud to cast all but two of Texas' 38 electoral votes for Donald Trump. The president-elect will be sworn into office on January 20th.

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