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Sanders Supporters Hear The Call For Unity, Still Want Change

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Texas Democrats ended their convention in San Antonio this weekend with a call for Sanders supporters to unite behind Hillary Clinton.  But while that seemed to be happening, Sanders delegates also want Clinton to embrace the “Bern.”


During his Friday night keynote speech U.S. Housing Secretary Julian Castro rallied the Democrats for Clinton.


“I’m excited to speak about a woman who will make our future even brighter.  I commend Senator Bernie Sanders for the wonderful powerful voice that he brought to this campaign.  In March, Texas Democrats voted to make Hillary Clinton to be the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party and the next President of the United States of America," Castro said.


Many Sanders supporters seemed to accept the inevitable. But delegates like Austin resident-Christopher Wagner want Clinton to more fully embrace the working class policies Bernie Sanders has voiced.


“You know $15 per hour minimum wage, universal healthcare, we’re not saying this have to be right now everything that he wants, we’re saying this is the direction the party needs to head in the future," Wagner said.


State delegate Kristi Lara is from Plano, who is still feeling the "Bern."


In tears Lara said, “I just hope we change this country and I hope Hillary does it, I know Bernie would’ve done it, if he could’ve, he would’ve done what he could.  And I think, we just need to push for a better country where less women and children are living in poverty.  I want that to change,"


Jacob Limon, Sanders’ state party campaign director, believes the Vermont Senator has already forced Clinton to embrace some important changes.


“I’m excited that Sec. Clinton is already taking on a lot of the issues, she now talking about limiting the impact of banks, she’s not quite saying breaking up the banks but she sure is talking a lot more about talking about the negative impact they have," Limon said.


Sanders delegates from Texas will take their continued passion for change to the National Democratic Convention where they’ll push to have their recommendations included in the Party’s platform.