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Governor Abbott Signs A String Of Border Security Bills Into Law

Ryan E. Poppe


Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law a handful of bills that provide record-level spending on a state-led effort to provide more security along the Texas-Mexico border.  


The bills were deemed emergency items by the Governor at the start of the session but were some of the last pieces of legislation to be sent to his desk because of disagreements between the House and Senate.  One bill Governor Abbott signed into law allows the state to hire 250 additional DPS troopers, and send those stationed along the border since last summer back to their home counties.


“Texas is adding 800-million dollars to provide the manpower, the technology, the training and the equipment that ensures Texas has the capabilities to secure our border and keep our communities safe,” Abbott said.


The package of bills also gives Abbott more flexibility and spending power to either keep the National Guard along the border or redeploy them at a later date and bills the federal government for the state’s efforts.


“We are seeking reimbursement from Congress for almost $700-million of Texas taxpayer money spent on securing our border. Texas is willing to shoulder the responsibility, we expect the federal government to foot the bill,” Abbott stressed.


Abbott also signed legislation that enhances the penalty of human trafficking and increases funding for local sheriffs departments in the Rio Grande Valley.

Abbott says Texas is now a safer place because of these four laws. 

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