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Tea Party's Burton Enters Race For Wendy Davis Senate Seat

Konni Burton YouTube channel

Konni Burton, a Republican from Fort Worth who is active in politics and is on the Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee, has announced she is running for the state Senate seat currently occupied by Wendy Davis.

Earlier this month Davis announced she would either run in the governor’s race or run for re-election in the 2014 election.

In an online video released Wednesday, Burton took aim at Davis' stance on abortion:

"Each life has value and is worthy of love," Burton said. "Wendy Davis says she is standing for women, but she has forgotten the women that will never have the chance to stand for themselves because their lives were taken while still in the womb."

The Burton advertisement prominently features the story of her 22-year-old adopted daughter Tori, and she and her husband have a second adopted daughter as well.

"I am thankful for the strength that my birth mother had when she chose to place me up for adoption to the most amazing family," Tori said.

Should Davis choose to run for re-election rather than the governor’s office, it will be difficult. Over the years, the area Davis represents has become more Republican-heavy. 

Burton will face Dr. Mark Shelton in the Republican primary.

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