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Poll Shows Bipartisan Support For Expanded Background Checks

Flickr user David Trawin (trawin)

A new poll out today shows bipartisan support for expanded background checks on gun purchases.

The study put out by Public Policy Polling shows both Democrats and Republicans support a bill that would allow for an expanded background checks on firearms.

"We find overwhelming support for expanded background checks in Texas," said Tom Jensen, the PPP’s director, who oversaw the project. "72 percent of voters support them to only 22 percent who are opposed, and it’s really very strong bipartisan support -- 89 percent of Democrats support the expanded background checks, 68 percent of independents do and even Republicans do by a 58-31 margin."

So why did the first federal legislative bill regarding the issue fail in Congress?

Jensen reasons that those who voted against the bill are simply afraid of the National Rifle Association’s political power.

"It really is one of those issues where you see special interests winning out over public opinion of course the bill did get more than 58 votes in the senate, but it needed 60 to avoid a filibuster."

Jensen said that record vote may be one reason why lawmakers are attempting to bring the measure back up for a vote at the end of the congressional season.

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