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Like GOP, Texas Dems Wait To See What Key Figure Will Do Ahead Of 2014 Election

Senator Wendy R. Davis

The primaries leading up to the 2014 elections are already heating up amongst Republican candidates, but where do Democrats stand in key races?

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said many Democrats are waiting to see what will happen with Fort Worth Sen. Wendy Davis regarding the governor's office.

"It’s kind of like a waiting game right now," he said. "I mean, obviously if Wendy is in the race she changes the whole complexion of what happens. We will have a statewide candidate who is well known, who has national recognition and will be able to raise national money -- significantly more than Mayor Bill White raised in 2010."

Hinojosa said Democratic candidates are hoping to catch hold of the same momentum Davis is carrying, which he said includes a strong propensity to attract younger voters.

"I seen some polling out there that shows that a lot of the Barack Obama supporters are strongly behind the possibility of a governor’s run by Wendy Davis," he said.

Reacting to a recent poll that shows Davis 14 points behind Gov. Rick Perry, Hinojosa said that should be troubling for a governor who has been seated for over 12 years versus a state senator who has had only one week of a spotlight.

"If you break down those polls and the support that’s out there, I think it clearly shows the potential for her is significant," Hinojosa said.

He said another benefit to Texas Democrats is the perceived in-fighting going on inside the Republican camp as candidates jockey for position around Perry's future plans.  

Hinojosa predicts a long list of Democrats will announce their candidacy in the next four to six weeks.