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State Sen. Dan Patrick Weighing Run For Lt. Governor

State of Texas

Taking a long view of the 2014 elections, Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, is predicting a "dust-up" for several key state positions including the lieutenant governor’s office.

"That’s where I believe I could be the most effective, if I were to run. And it’s not David Dewhurst, it’s not anti-Dewhurst, if I run it would be about my vision, my conservative vision for Texas, and that's what it's about, it has nothing to do with David Dewhurst," Patrick said.

Patrick said the lieutenant governor’s office isn't the only job where voters should expect a changing of the guard.

"We have been on hold for a long time with our statewide elected officials and it appears that the dam is about burst and a new you know a new generation of Republicans in leadership positions. That’s not a negative comment about those who serve, but no one owns the position," said Patrick.

He predicts the 2014 election to be a historical event, with the potential of having five or six newly elected officials for some of the state’s top positions. 

Patrick said he will officially announce if he plan to run for the office sometime in the near future.

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