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Texas Business Leaders Unveil Immigration Study That Favors Bipartisan Reform

Richard Morgan

A poll sponsored by a bipartisan group of non-profits and industry shows that a majority of Texans support a current immigration reform bill.

The poll was sponsored by the Alliance for Citizenship, Partnership for a New American Economy and Republicans for Immigration Reform.

"Right now the national immigration debate is heating up and we have a new poll come out from the Public Policy Polling, which is a bipartisanship pollster, where 67 percent of those said they strongly or somewhat support bipartisan immigration reform legislation that is being debated in Washington [D.C.] currently," said Brad Bailey, the CEO for Texas Immigration Solutions and the owner/operator of Houston’s Bailey’s Family Restaurants..

Bailey said the poll revealed that 80 percent of those polled are more likely to vote for a candidate that supports immigration legislation.

Robert Lougrahn is an immigration attorney and said are too many children and young adults who live a regular American life that are also are required to live in the shadows because of their immigration status.

"They are in the United States now, they’ve been raised as Americans and they are going to have to stop being like every other kid and go into the role that their parents have been in, which is to 'go off the books,' to go into a flea market and get a fraudulent ID or what have you," Lougrahn said.

Lougrahn said in many cases this new generation of undocumented residents are told to do well in school but not to succeed to a level where they draw too much attention. He said Americans can’t have a permanent underclass.

The group of non-profits and companies included the Texas Association of Business, who is asking lawmakers to approve the senate legislation.

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