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Governor Perry Signs "Landmark" Water Infrastructure Bill

Chris Eudaily | Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio

Gov. Rick Perry has signed into law bill providing $2 billion for water-related projects . The bill provides the funding for the next 50 years of water-projects.

"It should help supply our water supply for generations, even though we are expecting rapid population increases and economic growth. Water is an essential part of everyone’s life, it is ensuring that those adequate supplies are available, means better jobs, it means stronger communities, it means healthier families," Perry said.

This legislation is contingent on voters approving a constitutional amendment in the Fall that sets up the account to hold the $2 billion taken from the Rainy Day Fund for water projects. 

Unrelated to the bill signing, Perry was asked if he would be adding anything beyond the issue of redistricting for lawmakers to consider during this summer’s special session.

"I am not going to anticipate anything until we’ve had a chance to look at all the pieces of legislation. You know the members are here and if there are some things that need to be tweeted or what have you we will address them as we can," Perry said.

The governor said he is focused on the legislation that passed during the regular session and that is was premature to release what additional issues legislators would take up during the special session.

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