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First Working Weekend For House Turning Into "O.K. Corral Day"

Oleg Volt
Wikipedia Commons

The Texas House is gearing up for their first working weekend and there are 15 gun bills scheduled for discussion and possible vote. Some lawmakers are also referring to it as "Survivalist Saturday."

Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton, sat down to discuss some of the bills, including his own that reduces the amount of training required for a concealed handgun

"I’m optimistic," Flynn said. "I believe House Bill 47 has an opportunity to move forward we'll also will be combining the House bill with a Senate Bill."

But that optimism fades when it comes to a campus-carry bill authored by Rep. Allen Fletcher, R-Cypress.

"It’s going to have some challenges, but I think we are working on that. There will be some changes on the floor there will be some changes in the Senate," Flynn said.

That challenge in the Senate is Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, who said the bill will be "dead-on-arrival."

Another bill being considered is HB 1009, authored by Jason Villalba, R-Dallas, which provides teachers law enforcement training to serve as a school marshal.

Flynn is pushing for that bill to fail, saying it is an issue that should be handled at the local level.

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