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The Source: Two-Party System Isn't Delivering Says State Representative


It could be argued that in modern American Politics their have never been two less popular major-party candidates for the Presidency. Calls for breaking up the two-party system are not unusual during an election year, but the calls take on new meaning when the candidates have such high unfavorable ratings. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and New York Businessman Donald Trump represent a clarion call to some about the current party system and how we run our elections.

Many view a vote for a third party as a vote thrown away. Currently Green Party Candidate Jill Stein is polling at 5 percent and Libertarian Gary Johnson is polling at 9 Percent. What do you think of the two-party system? 

Lyle Larson, a San Antonio Representative in the Texas House, is calling for a wholesale shift to a more parliamentary system and the complete restructuring of the primary races.