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Struggling With A 'Get Fit' Resolution? Take The First Step With Volkssporting

Lots of people resolve to get more exercise in the new year, but ultimately decide it's too hard to find time to go to the gym or fit in a workout each day. Here's an activity that just might help you live up to your objective. It's called Volkssporting, or non-competitive walking. Technically, it can also be biking, swimming and in some parts of the country, snow-shoeing. I spoke to Henry Rosales, who Executive Directs the American Volkssport  Association, headquartered in Universal City. He explained it simply:

"It's where you have a group of walkers who come together at a specific time to walk together and socialize."

Here he's describing what's called a traditional event--a 6 or 10K walk held on a specific day, starting at a specific place. That's 3.1 and 6.2 miles respectively. He continued:

"Then we have what we call year-round or seasonal walks. These are walks that are set up in different areas, and people can go on their own time, whatever day they want to go."

The Volkssport people have mapped out specific walks in all 50 states, and for $3, you can get a map of one of those walks and just do it.

"These are walks that anybody can walk, any day, any time."

Some of the walks are thematic--for instance, the state capitols, while others are historic. They may go by historic structures or into historic places. Texas has more than a hundred of these planned walks. So if you're getting burned out by just walking on your treadmill, these walks can break the monotony. Rosales agreed wholeheartedly.

"It's a lot more exciting to go outside in the fresh air, the scenery, [and see] historical landmarks."

This weekend, the AVA is holding several events in San Antonio.

"We have actually four walking events this weekend, and two guided biking events. So if you're interested we have one that starts at the Quarry Market [on Saturday]."

The non-compeitive walking organization been around since 1976, but they have largely labored in obscurity.

"It's one of America's best kept secrets," said Rosales.

Well, maybe now it's a little less of a secret.

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