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Jay Athletes Temporarily Placed In Alternative School; Football Program Continues

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
John Jay High School

Tonight the John Jay High School Football team will play its first game since two football players tackled a referee last week in a match against Marble Falls.

The two players have been placed in alternative school, and after a UIL hearing on Wednesday, the football program will continue as normal.  The players claimed the referee was directing racial slurs at them.  Students say the mood on campus hasn’t changed much.  David Hernandez, a senior who has played football for the school in years past says the two students could have taken a different route instead of getting physical.

“They could have taken it in another hand, another manner,” he said. “I think they should’ve probably dealt with it after the game, tell the coaches what’s up, you know, get the ref right there, probably take it to court, do something about it. I don’t think they should hit, but it happened, it happened, you’ve got to move on past it.”

The incident attracted national media attention.  The two students have yet to face a disciplinary hearing and spent most of the week on suspension.  John Jay Assistant coach Mack Breed remains on paid administrative leave in conjunction with the investigation.  Tonight, Jay will play Del Rio High School in San Antonio.