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Parking Downtown? Stress No Further, There's An App For That

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
A screen shot of the Pango Parking app with a portion of downtown San Antonio and its parking lots

The City of San Antonio has released a new application that lists places you can park downtown and in other areas of town. 

This is the age of the smartphone, and more, and the Alamo City seems to have finally decided to acknowledge it. You can now look up downtown parking spots in advance with the help of an app called Pango Mobile Parking, available on both the Apple App and Google Play stores. The decision-makers for the city decided it made more sense to partner with Pango at no cost, than create their own app.

Jonathan Featherston, parking and enforcement manager for the city, said it lists at least 20,000 citify and privately own lots, plus their prices. “So if you want to come downtown for two hours you can plug that in and it pulls up the two hour incremental rate or flat rate you would pay at any parking facility in downtown San Antonio,” said Featherston.

Importantly, the app does list parking in the medical center and at San Antonio airport. It doesn’t give real time results if a lot or garage is full is full, but it does read real time electronic parking meters, which allows it to provide an indication of what’s available along the street, based on time purchased by other drivers. Featherston said it works pretty simply. “They [the parking meters] are communicating with this app, so if you were going there right now, you would see lines on certain streets that would be red, yellow and green.”

The app is available now and requires that an account be registered.

Joey Palacios can be reached atJoey@TPR.org and on Twitter at @Joeycules