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The Source: What Is And Isn't Coming To The Supreme Court, And Why It Matters

Flickr user Adam Fagen (afagen)

Yesterday, the implementation of two Texas laws reversed course. Voter ID, which requires Texas voters to present photo ID at the polls, was granted a stay by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and therefore will be in effect when early voting starts next week. Additionally, key provisions of Texas' restrictive abortion law will not go into effect, pending further court action, which nearly doubles the number of clinics allowed to perform abortions in the state.

The ever-changing status of controversial laws like these likely has many people wishing the U.S. Supreme Court would step in and settle these issues already.

The high court resumed session last week, and it made early waves by not taking up any gay marriage cases, effectively legalizing the institution in appellate districts where bans were struck down. The session is packed with cases, some dealing with government regulations, voter redistricting and search and seizure laws.

What could happen in these cases, and what cases should we be watching?


  • Amy Howe,  editor at SCOTUSblog, a blog by legal scholars and journalists about the Supreme Court.

*Margaret Russell was scheduled for the program but was unable to join