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San Antonians Help Plan Hemisfair's Second, And Largest, Future Park

Ryan Loyd
TPR News

Residents and workers in San Antonio got to be park planners Tuesday at Sunset Station to help shape the future of Hemisfair Park.

With the help of table facilitators, people answered questions from a form designed to give planners an idea of what should be included in the Civic Park, Hemisfair's second and largest future green space.

Mike McGlone walked his table full of people through the brainstorming and idea session. He asked for his table to participate in the process instead of being shy.

It helped people to know there is no right or wrong answer. Before they got down to business, they were briefed on the different types of amenities, including gardens, groves, lawns, and shallows. Some people said they believed water and shade to be the most important aspect of the new space. Jose Villalobos said he wants San Antonio's true colors to be an important part of the park.

"San Antonio is really strongly based on arts and culture," Villalobos said to his table. "I think that's really important to bring that into the development itself."

People came from all over, like Ed Rogers from Boerne who works in San Antonio.

"I have a very distinct interest in the outdoors for young people," he said.

Downtown resident Robin Gould explained that he can't wait for the park. He lives 30 stories above the space at the Grand Hyatt.

"And [I] look down at this ugly convention center everyday, and we're very excited about not seeing that convention center anymore and seeing a green open space in the park."

Hemisfair is a blank canvas that Hemisfair CEO Andres Andujar said will be pieced together with this feedback. Later, online surveys will help as planners ask for clarity on certain details or if more input is needed.