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Food Bank Gives Christmas Trees Along With Holiday Meals

Ryan Loyd
TPR News

Toni picks up her supply of food for the week, but this time she's picking up something extra -- a Christmas tree. She and many more existing clients of the Baptist Temple got the chance to pick out a tree to go along with their holiday meal.

"Some mac and cheese there, there's some rice, and each one of them is different, but we try to make sure that there's some vegetables, some protein," said George Zayas Bazan, the pastor at Baptist Temple. Zayas Bazan said the San Antonio Food Bank distributes food in bulk twice a month -- 16,000 pounds worth.

"We have this opportunity to give to our regular customers who come in, and the Christmas trees. That was a surprise," he said.

There were 40 trees in all and San Antonio Food Bank president Eric Cooper said he thinks the trees give hope to people. He said it symbolizes what the season is about.

"To think of families that struggle [with] both of those things -- struggle with the food that brings them around the dinner table, and not having a Christmas tree -- just doesn't seem right, so you know, the opportunity to make those basic things happen, it's very cool," Cooper said.

Food distribution at Baptist Temple is usually the first Thursday and the third Saturday of every month.