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Spurs Lose NBA Finals, But Fan Faith Remains Strong

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio

For the first time, the San Antonio Spurs left the NBA finals empty handed, as the  Miami Heat claimed victory last night. But even though the Spurs lost, fans still gathered downtown post-game to show support for the team.

During the game, cheers echoed throughout downtown. But the as the final seconds of game seven ticked away, hope gave way to heartbreak as the Heat gained a slight advantage over the Spurs, clinching the title 95-88.

As the game ended, fans watching at Alamo Street Eat Bar slowly slipped out of their seats and into the initially quiet streets as a large inflatable screen showed the Spurs leaving the court and the Heat bathing in confetti. Some fans were disappointed, some angry, but the die diehard fans were left hopeful for next season.

“I honestly think that the Spurs are a better team and that we built our greatness and [the Heat] just kind of bought it,” said Hanna Lifshutz.

“I felt we got cheated by the refs – one. Number two, we ran out of energy, so that’s basically our fault. We should have won game six--our fault,” added Phillip Wood. “It’s just one of those tough breaks man. Hopefully we get it next year.”

“Honestly I thought we were going to take it, I thought we were going to win it, I was like ‘we’re totally going to do it,'” said Victoria Delgado. "I’m disappointed, I’m sad. They’re going to do it next year though.”

“I tried to stay optimistic up until the last couple seconds,” said Hank Lee.

Much of downtown remained silent except for a passing car honking away with Spurs flags waving outside of the window. But surprisingly--or maybe not, given the San Antonio spirit--just like the nights of a single  finals game win, Commerce and Market Streets were deafening, as cars honked and fans ran through traffic as if the Spurs had won it all.

Antonio Cruz  came from Argentina to watch Manu Ginobili play. He says as long as there’s a team, there’s a reason to keep the faith

“We’ll get it next time. I think we missed it on game six, but that’s all right, we still like our Spurs,” said Cruz.

And to fans like Amanda Crawford, Spurs fever never dies.

“They got what they got and that’s how it went and what are we going to do? Like I said, there’s next year.” 

Joey Palacios can be reached atJoey@TPR.org and on Twitter at @Joeycules