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TxDOT Revamps "Don't Mess With Texas" Campaign Aimed At Millennials


 The Texas Department of Transportation is revamping the decades-old Don’t mess with Texas Campaign for the new generation. The slogan has become a staple for the lone star state since it was launched 27 years ago, but now TxDOT wants to add some new flare and grab attention.

"The target are the millennials, which are the young adults 16 to 34," said Margo Richards, director of the travel and information at TxDOT. "It’s important for us to make sure they understand the message and know it’s important to keep litter off of the roadways."

She said that the millennials are the most likely to litter.  The old slogan remains the same, but new sayings are being added to signs and trash cans in high-tourist areas written in both English and Spanish.

The new slogans borrow from popular songs: "Fill me up buttercup," "To all the trash I’ve loved before," or" I hate that empty feeling inside." Richards said the idea from an advertising standpoint was to keep the campaign fresh.

"The trash cans that we are featuring in the campaign this year will be at 300 locations across the state. Some of those will be at the travel information centers as well as popular tourism attractions, sporting venues and other public locations where there is a high consumer traffic," Richards said.

TxDOT predicts that 1.1 billion pieces of trash been dropped along the 80,000 miles of state-maintained roadways. Those that litter can face a fine of up for $500 for a first offense.