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B-Cycle Continues Expansion On South Side To Missions San Jose And Concepción

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio

San Antonio’s bike share program is expanding into the South Side with several new B-cycle kiosks around the Missions.

Cyclists rode to Mission San Jose to illustrate the new availability of B-cycle just south of downtown; six new stations have been added at some of San Antonio’s Mission’s along the Mission Reach.

Julia Diana with the city’s Office of Sustainability said the new stations offer the opportunity to enjoy the national park and river for those without a bike of their own.

“You can get on the mission trail and ride along the river and as you’re riding along the river, you can pop up and see the parks, you can see the missions, and along the way you can get to the bike share stations that have been installed,” Diana said.

B-Cycle has about 30 stations in the city with 280 bikes in circulation. San Antonio has the second largest program of 17 cities in the U.S. with B-Cycle.

“Bike sharing allows everyone in the community – not just those who are privileged enough to own a bike – to access and use the community’s investment in that bicycle infrastructure," said Bob Burns,  national president of B-Cycle. "That’s a really positive thing because it enhances their experience of their own city and bike sharing also greatly enhances the experiences of people who come to visit a city."

The new kiosks are at Roosevelt Park, Concepción Park, Missions San Jose and Concepción, and two river access points.  At least two more stations are planned for south of Mission San Jose.

Since B-Cycle was implemented last year, about 64,000 trips have been taken and 164,000 miles ridden. 50 stations are planned by the end of 2013.