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Pride Center San Antonio Providing New Home to LGBTQ Community

Pride Center San Antonio

San Antonio is one the few major cities in the country without a dedicated LGBTQ community center. While there were several attempts in the past, a collective of community members is laying the ground work to establish a new one.

The Pride Center San Antonio doesn’t have a dedicated space yet, but the people behind its creation want it to be a connector for the gay community.

“There are a lot of LGBT-oriented organizations in San Antonio, but they don’t have a home,” Pride Center Vice-Chair Richard Farias said. “Our goal is not replicate what anyone else is doing, our goal is just to provide a physical home.”

The idea for the Pride Center has been in motion for two years gathering feedback from the public, and the group obtained its non-profit status this summer.

The center hopes to provide resources for those coming out of the closet, youth, and baby boomer generation.

"There’s a large group of people in San Antonio that may or may not be that well connected,  may or may not have great access to services and programs and resources when coming out or even after they are out,” Farias said. “Hopefully - one day -  provide resources for youth who are in the process of coming out or boomers who are retiring. Just like any other group, the LGBT population is aging so we want to find ways to provide resources and services for them as well."

In the past, San Antonio has had two LGBT center attempts:  the Diversity Center and the Gay and Lesbian Community Center. Both collapsed due to lack of funding. 

Farias said the Pride Center’s board is in the process of securing funding through small fundraisers and individual contributions.

"The biggest thing right now is trying to find major donors and major sustaining donors," said Farias. "Even if it’s $20 a month that’s still a monthly flow. If not that, definitely we need people who are willing to donate $100 a month, $500 a month, or make a large single time donation."

The center hopes to raise enough money in the next year to rent a small office.