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Art and Commerce: Painting in 16th-Century Antwerp with John Hand

1955 7.jpg
Jan Gossaert, Portrait of Anna de Bergh, Marquise de Veere (detail), ca. 1530. Oil on panel. Collection of the McNay Art Museum, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Frederic G. Oppenheimer.

Sunday, October 28th 6:30pm at the McNay Art Museum. John Hand, Curator of Northern Renaissance Paintings for the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC discusses the golden age of Netherlandish painting during the 16th-century boom in trade, finance, and textiles that made Antwerp the cultural capital of the Northern Renaissance.

Hand's talk features the McNay's St. Barbara and St. Catherine by the Master of Frankfurt, as well as Jan Gossaert's Portrait of Annade Bergh.

Hand received a BA from Denison University, an MA from the University of Chicago, and a PhD from Princeton University. Since joining the curatorial staff at the National Gallery of Art in 1973, Hand has contributed to numerous exhibitions, catalogues, and articles in the firld of northern Renaissance art. Recent publications include Joos van Cleve: The Complete Paintings and National Gallery of Art: Master Paintings from the Collection