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HEB's Slimdown Showdown finishes nearly 1,000 lbs. thinner

HEB Slimdown Showdown winner
Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio

HEB’s Slimdown Showdown came to close this week as 24 contestants selected from all over Texas lost nearly 956 pounds collectively during the  16-week competition.

Slimdown winner Allison Spangler is a school teacher at Stevens High School in San Antonio; she lost 46 pounds during the competition.

"My life is completely different," said Spangler. "I feel fantastic and this is only my half-way point."

Spangler said the lower weight has given her more energy and a healthier lifestyle.

“I used to be sluggish, drinking tons of caffeine just to stay awake, I don’t drink any caffeine now, no soda, just water and I’m fine, I can make it through the day,” said Spangler.

Now five sizes slimmer, she says in the past it was easier to live on fast food then to cook and prepare meals at home, but “I’ve completely changed that now," said Spangler. "I have prepared meals a head of time, frozen them so I can have them, pop them in the microwave ready to roll and just been working out."

She now passes the health tips on to her students, and plans to use the 10,000 prize money to pay off student loans. 

HEB started the Slimdown with its employees, but opened the competition to customers this summer. HEB President Craig Boyan  said the company wanted to help tackle the major health issues in the state like Diabetes.

"That’s the great thing about being a private company," said Boyan. "You can do things that you know are really important for people. Whether it’s a good business decision or not, we have no idea, but that’s obviously somewhat beside the point. Our goal is to make Texas a great place to live and inspire people to live much healthier wonderful lives."

HEB is currently taking applications for the next Slimdown Showdown, which begins in January.

More information about Slimdown Showdown online at: www.heb.com/page/healthy-at-heb/slim-down-showdown