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A Pregnant Pause, Reflections On Teen Pregnancy: A Three-Part Series

This series examined state legislative efforts to reduce teen pregnancy numbers and continued with a look at education and health care measures aimed at prevention through the efforts of Project WORTH. The final part of the series took a look at Seton Home and their efforts to provide financial and emotional support to teenage mothers.

Part 1: The Texas Prevention First Act

Teens in Texas are getting pregnant and having children at an alarming rate. What is the scope of the problem? What are our lawmakers and health officials doing to educate teens and help those who keep and parent their children?  In the first part of our series, we look at a missed opportunity in the last legislative session that could have provided more resources for teens and parents.

Part 2: Project WORTH


Teen pregnancy in Texas and Bexar County is still occurring at an alarming rate. What are public health officials doing to address the problem? A look at one program trying to prevent unintended pregnancy through education and access to health care.

Part 3: Seton Home


When dealing with the epidemic of teen pregnancy in Texas, prevention is only part of the solution. Many young mothers find themselves alone with little financial or emotional support. In the final story of our series, we look at one program designed to help young moms who have no resources of their own.