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A San Antonio congressman will ask the U.S. House to investigate why the federal government is calling into question the citizenship of Hispanics in Texas.

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Rhetoric between Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and his Democratic opponent Beto O’Rourke is growing sharper as the voter margin between them narrows and the midterm elections loom.

Democrat Joseph Kopser, left, and Republican Chip Roy
Contributed Photos / Kopser Campaign/Roy Campaign

The race to replace long-standing Texas Congressman Lamar Smith is heating up between Republican Chip Roy and his Democratic rival Joseph Kopser. They faced off in a debate on Wednesday at Pearl Studios, hosted by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

Political experts and Texas economists agree that the chance for a trade deal with Mexico and the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement both seem dim, despite President Trump’s enthusiasm.  



McCain died Aug, 25, 2018
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The impact of Senator John McCain was noted locally on social media.