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From Texas Standard:

Texas' top state leader in the fight against the coronavirus receives no state salary and is allowed to keep his other 30-hour-per-week paying gig overseeing a nonprofit utility.


Updated 5/17

The State of Texas has nearly exhausted its $1.9 billion Unemployment Trust Fund. The Texas Workforce Commission expects it to run out of money in the next three weeks. 

The Fund has been hammered by soaring unemployment, with 2.5 million Texans filing claims since March 14.

“By 2019 numbers, that's over three years of claims in just two months time,” said Francisco Gamez, TWC spokesman, in a recent Twitter video.

Jerry and Pat Donaho

For the better part of a year, Zach Dolling analyzed Texas' 254 counties for a handful of election code violations.

About 70% of Latino-owned businesses who completed applications for the $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program never received any funding before the pot was depleted in less than two weeks.

Representatives of three national Latino organizations explain how they’re stepping up to provide support and are lobbying to get future funds secured exclusively for minority-owned businesses. 



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El Consejo de la Ciudad de San Antonio aprobó la creación de una asistencia de vivienda de emergencia de $25 millones por el COVID-19 durante la pandemia del coronavirus.

Abortion Providers Want Supreme Curt To Restore Some Services During Pandemic

Apr 12, 2020

In what has been an ongoing legal dispute over Texans' access to abortion during the new coronavirus pandemic, abortion providers on Saturday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take emergency action to restore “essential, time-sensitive medication abortion services.”

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren holds a town hall at San Antonio's Sunset Station on Thursday Feb. 27, 2020.
Joey Palacios

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren made a campaign stop in San Antonio Thursday night along with her previous rival and now supporter Julian Castro.

The Republican super PAC Engage Texas raised $2.3 million in the second half of 2019.
Eddie Gaspar | The Texas Tribune

Backed by massive donations, the Republican super PAC Engage Texas is assembling a behemoth of an organization as it rushes to register new voters ahead of a crucial 2020 election.

From Texas Standard:

A new poll from the Texas Lyceum indicates that while Joe Biden leads in Texas, he’s likely not the one to beat President Donald Trump in November.

From Texas Standard:

Polls show that the country is nearly evenly split about whether President Donald Trump should be impeached. That might put Texas politicians in a precarious position given that Texas isn't the reliably conservative state it once was. Lawmakers who support Trump will please their base of supporters, but they also risk alienating others.