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Gas Prices Rise Nationwide, DFW Area Most Expensive In Texas

Courtesy AAA Texas

COPPELL, Texas — Despite gas prices being lower than they were at this time last year, nationally and statewide, Texas drivers are now paying $2.38 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, seven cents per gallon more than they did last week. However, it is still $1.11 less per gallon than last year, according to a report from the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch.

Tomorrow, May 1, is the deadline for terminals to switch over to summer-grade fuel and that, along with other major factors like seasonal maintenance at refineries and market uncertainty has contributed to the rise in prices.

While gas prices rose across Texas and other parts of the U.S., Texans are still paying 20 cents less than the national average of $2.58 per gallon.

Within the major metropolitan areas of the state that were surveyed, residents in the Dallas-Forth Worth area have the most expensive payout for gas, at $2.48 per gallon, while those in the region of Beaumont have the least, at $2.28 per gallon.

However, most experts expect the prices to dip again, depending on the cost of crude. “Drivers in Texas are now paying about $33 for a 14-gallon size fuel tank, which is almost $16 less per tank than last year,” said AAA Texas/New Mexico Representative Doug Shupe.