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Vanessa Del Fierro Puts 'Norteño Heart' Into Music

Nathan Cone
Vanessa Del Fierro and Max Baca of Los Texmaniacs

Vanessa Del Fierro’s debut album, “Pistolas Y Leyendas: The Mexican-American Experience Vol. 1,” combines a variety of traditional Mexican folk music with elements of rock, polka and other genres to create a truly eclectic sound. 

Del Fierro held on to this eclecticism during her performance for B40, which featured two musicians from the Grammy Award-winning conjunto group Los Texmaniacs and one musician from the mariachi group Campanas de America. 

“I’m a big fan of both groups, so when I needed some musicians to accompany me today, I said, ‘Okay, let’s mix a little bit of the norteño with the mariachi genre,' which is kind of what I do,” Del Fierro said. “I wanted that Mexican-American vibe, and they just bring it to every stage.”

Del Fierro got her musical start in the mariachi program at Harlandale High School. 

“Little did I know that that would be life-changing for me. That’s what would teach me everything that I know in music today. I was able to incorporate that into everything that I do, so I’m very grateful for that.”


Vanessa Del Fierro’s three-song performance included “Mexican Train,” which tells the story of a coyote on the run from the law. 


“She doesn’t do it because she wants to do anything bad or break the law, but she feels bad for the people,” said Del Fierro.

The coyote in “Mexican Train” eventually gets stuck in Mexico, but her partner in the United States is unaware that she is a criminal. 

“So then she’s talking about how much she misses him, and it can also lead to how borders also separate people and how you miss each other,” said Del Fierro. 

Del Fierro also performed a ranchera titled “Con Este Tequila” and a huapango titled “Mi Novio Pancho Villa.” 

Click or tap the link above to hear the full performance and interview.

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