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Swing Dance Gets A San Antonio Revival

It's an old kind of dance that's attracting a young group to the dance floor. Swing dancing is enjoying something of a revival, to the point that one group has that description in its title. 

"Alamo City Swing Revival is a relatively new nonprofit organization that was formed this year to promote swing-dancing in a very family-friendly, community inspired movement."   

The Revival's Michelle Wilt says there is plenty of dance opportunity.

"We have dances and classes that we teach on Thursday--every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Victoria's Black Swan Inn, which is a wonderfully historic old mansion."  

Right after classes they hold a DJ social, with music to dance by. Wilt says practice is important.

"Because you can take as many classes as you want, but until you actually put it into practice, it's really difficult to remember something that's new to a lot of people."

She says that swing dancing is also really good exercise.

"Swing dancing is incredible exercise! Not only are you learning a new skill if this is something new for you, that engages both sides of your brain when you add music to it, but we have a lot of young people and mature people who are learning this as a new activity. You definitely get your cardio workout with swing dancing."

There are many different kinds of steps with swing dancing, and it varies in speed from fairly slow, to not slow at all.

"Typically, our drop-in beginner, let's-give-you-a-taste-of-what-we're-doing, we can have you dancing within the hour--a very basic East Coast swing."

If someone wants to drop in, it's $10 for the class and the social.

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