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This Sunday, The San Fernando Cathedral Will Sound Like You’ve Never Heard It

The San Fernando Cathedral will be filled with music on Sunday evening, but a kind of music that’s likely never been played there before.  You can tell by the sound of it that this music comes from somewhere else. It’s Klezmer music.  [editor's note:  hit "Listen" above to hear Metropolitan Klezmer]

“Klezmer music is rooted in the Yiddish tradition, which is the tradition of the Yiddish-speaking Jews who came originally from Eastern Europe.”

Eve Sicular founded and plays drums for the group Metropolitan Klezmer.

"Metropolitan Klezmer, based in New York City. We’re very happy to be coming as part of this series, Musical Bridges Around the World."

Musical Bridges around the World creates free, highly diverse musical events for San Antonio. The 6:30PM Sunday evening concert at San Fernando is the last of the recurring Cathedral concerts ‘til October. The all-female sextet is looking forward to their first San Antonio performance.

“We have a wonderful instrumentation that includes two horns.   We have also accordion, double bass, I’m the drummer and band leader and our wonderful vocalist."

I asked her to describe Metropolitan Klezmer's music.

"In some instances it’s very upbeat music, very rollicking. And then there are other things that are like Yiddish swing, tango tunes, we even have a Klezmer-rengue and a Klezmer Cumbia we play sometimes. We’ve had stuff in sound tracks on HBO, We’ve toured everywhere from Vienna to Vancouver.

And now they’re coming to the Alamo City. We’ve more on Metropolitan Klezmer here.

We've more on Musical Bridges Around the World here


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