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Meatopia At The Pearl, Where Meat Dreams Are Made Real


The smells of all kinds of meat will be wafting through the Pearl complex this Sunday with an unusual event called Meatopia. Meatopia is centered around a huge variety of meats all being cooked for attendees by those who do it best. Chef John Tesar out of Dallas is here to cook, and he’s not alone.

"Thirty-two chefs preparing all different cuts of meat. I am preparing bison," Tesar said.

Bison? What makes Bison worth sinking your teeth into?

"Bison is something new on the scene, and it is lower in calories, lower in fat, higher in protein, and it’s right down the alley of people who still love red meat, and want to be healthier," Tesar said. "Lower cholesterol, lower fat, lower saturated fat, and lower calories."

Chicago Chef Michael Kornick added that there are other advantages to Bison:

"Commercial bison that’s available today in the marketplace in general is hormone, antibiotic free," Kornick said. "It spends a majority of its life in the pasture, eating grass and sometimes enjoying grain, but not in a feed lot environment."

Meatopia is another family-friendly event at the Pearl, which is positioning itself as an urban hub for inner city activities in the River North area. This is Tesar's first time at the Pearl.

"You know, the Pearl Brewery is something really special," Tesar said. "I’m from Dallas and it’s really a great complex that just seems to keep growing and growing and growing. It’s very food centric, very family centric, and a lot of great chefs are opening great new restaurants down there, so if you’re in San Antonio or you travel through the city I think you have to check it out. And Meatopia is a great way to see it for the first time."

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii