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Camp KPAC: The Final Day!

Today we wrapped up Camp KPAC 2013, the second year of the program. I took the first photo seen above on Monday. Camp coordinator Nathan Cone suggested on Friday that we take an "after" photo (next in series). Someone in the group (they are all sharp as tacks) quipped: "So they can see how we've grown."
And grow they did! We are so proud of what these young people were able to accomplish in one short week. Not only that, there was laughter, there was compassion, and there was enough curiosity to fill 2 weeks, or more. Congratulations to all!  Here's a final thought on the week from camper Ryan Rogers, a recent graduate of Judson High School:


Today was the fifth and final day of Camp KPAC. We were all working hard on finalizing and polishing our projects. For those of us that finished the audio editing portion, we were instructed on how to develop the accompanying text for TPR’s website. We learned tips and tricks for transcribing interviews as well as techniques for writing a smooth introduction to paraphrase our interviews. It was very interesting to see the way that the nuances of tone and inflection are lost when an interview is converted from audio to text.     After we had all finished tinkering with our projects, we ate lunch and discussed our week’s experience a bit. Overall, everyone seemed to be satisfied with his or her final products. After lunch, we listened to everyone’s projects. Listening to all the different creative things we had each added to our audio was a lot of fun. We talked briefly about the differences in each of our interviewing styles and noted how our subjects responded differently to our individual strategies. In general, it’s safe to say that we all learned a great deal about the behind-the-scenes of public radio. Regardless of our individual career goals, we have all benefitted greatly from the experience offered at Camp KPAC!

Thanks Ryan! You can find all of the Camp KPAC content online at our website by searching on the "Camp KPAC" tag below. Musical performances recorded during the camp will be posted on SoundCloud within the week. 


James first introduced himself to KPAC listeners at midnight on April 8, 1993, presenting Dvorak's 7th Symphony played by the Cleveland Orchestra. Soon after, he became the regular overnight announcer on KPAC.