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A New Release, Festival, And Birthday For Young Pianist

"It came to me in one night - a dream! I like to say that those dream images were probably rooted in my just going to college for the first time," says Conrad Tao about his Vestiges for piano. That was the start for the new album, Voyages.

Conrad Tao turns 19 today, launches an international new release on EMI Classics, and begins a groundbreaking new music festival in New York City today. Did we mention this award winning pianist is 19 years old?! You wouldn't guess that from his new release that features Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Meredith Monk, his own music, and in the digital download version, the Beach Boys!

Conrad Tao talks Unplay Festival, Beach Boys, and more!

You can see Conrad in the Unplay Festival over the next few days, and enjoy his artistry online as well:


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