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Brahms & Beyond Offers Romance And Rarities With Timothy Jones

From Dvorak to Schoenberg, music by and influences of Johannes Brahms on the BrahmsSA Festival opening concert 

Musical Offerings is proud to present the first concert of the 2013BrahmsFestSA. Their program includes Dohnanyi, Brahms, Dvorak, and Schoenberg.  

"They are truly a joy. I think he captured in the music so many different sentiments and such a passionate portrayal of the characters , that everybody loves to sing these songs."

Baritone Timothy Jones says he is excited to perform Ode to Napoleon.

"Just about ten years ago, I was asked to prepare it for a performance at a festival in Oregon, that just happened to be the same year I became ill and had to undergo chemotherapy. I ended up having to cancel that performance, but this has given me a chance to go back and revisit the piece. I am really happy Joanie asked me, because the work is truly a masterpiece."

This Schoenberg masterpiece is rare, and will get assistance for the score with conductor Akiko Fujimoto leading the instrumentalists of Musical Offerings.

An interview with Joan Christenson

Joan Christenson is the Artistic Director of Musical Offerings and violinist. She says she is proud to lead off the festival concerts.

“The Piano Quintet? Huge! It’s a wonderful piano part, great string quartet part that goes with it!”

They will also play a work by Ernst von Dohnanyi, two movements of his Serenade for string trio. “His Opus Ten Serenade is definitely one of his most popular works,” says Christenson.

John Clare is comfortable behind a microphone, streaming video or playing violin. A former broadcaster for NPR, John has previously worked with Voice of America, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation and stations in Kansas, Nevada, California, and Pennsylvania.