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Think Earth: Green Spaces

Chris Cooper Photography

Why are green spaces an important part of our lives? How detrimental is it to humans when we lose access to these spaces? And what’s being done locally to ensure all of our citizens have access to the benefits of green spaces?

This Earth Day presentation features three representatives who share news about the work they’re doing in this field. Think Earth was recorded live at the Malú and Carlos Alvarez Theater at Texas Public Radio’s Irma & Emilio Nicolas Media Center on Friday, April 22 at noon. Audio is available at the top of this page, and you may follow along through the participants' slide programs below.


  • Mary Jane Verette, San Antonio Parks Foundation
  • Douglas Melnick, COSA Sustainability Office
  • Doug Dillow, Green Spaces Alliance

Moderator:Nathan Cone, Texas Public Radio

This event is made possible by San Antonio Kidney, San Antonio Vascular and Endovascular Clinic, Big Sun Solar, and the Edwards Aquifer Authority.