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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But Not In Texas Thanks To State Supreme Court Order

State of Texas

If you would like a divorce, but want to avoid the mess, a few new simple forms could be the walking papers you’ve been looking for. The Texas Supreme Court is trying to make it easier by approving divorce forms that don’t need a lawyer.

The new forms can only be used when the divorce is uncontested and the couple doesn't have child custody issues to settle or property to divide.

Attorneys who practice family law, as well as district court officials, however are not happy with the court's decision to use the simplified forms because they fear people may not understand the process of filing legal documents, which would create more work for county employees.

The court will be taking public comments on the forms until Feb. 8, but officials don't expect many substantial changes.

Texas does allow no-fault divorces, meaning that the person filing doesn't have to give a specific reason for ending the marriage.

Just file the papers – pay the filing fee to the county – and you’re done. It’s going to take a lot more to get rid of that tattoo with the name of a former significant other.

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