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San Antonio and Bexar County Vote This Week On Hulu Incentives

Courtesy Hulu

Texas Public Radio broke the story that ​streaming service Hulu will open its Viewer Experience Operations headquarters in San Antonio, pending incentives that city, county and state officials have promised. 

While the state of Texas has already offered nearly $1.3 million from the Texas Enterprise Fund, Bexar County and the City of San Antonio have to vote on aspects of their deals this week.

The city is offering up more than $278,000 in a six-year tax rebate on property located on Horizon Hill Boulevard near the medical center. Hulu is also expected to make an investment of $13 million into the property. City funds come with requirements that Hulu create 500 jobs over three years, 70 percent of which must provide a $15.68 hourly wage plus medical benefits within in the first year.  Mayor Ivy Taylor says it is a good deal for the city for more than just those 500 jobs.

"I think it certainly can lead to much more because Hulu is a growing company, but also just the cache that comes with a company like that being here could lead similar companies to give San Antonio fair consideration," says Taylor.

Bexar County is offering $403,000 in a 10-year, 90 percent rebate. This deal would include the same 500 job requirement. It also expects a $15 million investment in the company's Viewer Experience Operations headquarters. Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff agrees that Hulu is great for building the local tech industry.

"So, we're really beginning to grow this industry," Wolff says. "Now Hulu gives us another avenue to be able to sell other companies to come here. And that's important because they look at whose here." 

The county votes Tuesday to authorize city staff to begin negotiations. City council votes on their final deal on Thursday.