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More Bexar County Youth Are Being Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes, Prediabetes

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An estimated 14% of Bexar County's population lives with Type 2 diabetes. This preventable disease typically presents later in life, but is increasingly contracted by youn people who can experience earlier, more advanced complications such as blindness, amputations and even death.

Of the more than 30 million American adults with diabetes, approximately 90%live with Type 2, which is managed with diet, exercise and insulin. Approximately half a million Texans are still undiagnosed.

Risk factors include poor diet, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and prediabetes. Children diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes often have a family history with the disease.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly1 in 5 adolescents are living with prediabetes, defined as having blood sugar levels higher than normal but not yet at the threshold for an official Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. 

Is there a public health strategy to combat the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in Bexar County? Who is most at risk and what's being done to break the cycle?

What are the potential short and long term effects of Type 2 diabetes? Can it be reversed with healthier living? What does responsible treatment entail and how do individuals without health insurance manage?

What is to blame for the rising rates of Type 2 and prediabetes in young people? Could earlier identification and treatment help mitigate the disease?

The Texas Diabetes Institute is recruiting for diabetes-related clinical trials. Interested listeners can call 210-358-7200 for more information.


  • Dr. Carolina Solis-Herrera, assistant professor of medicine in the diabetes division at UT Health San Antonioand medical director of the diabetes clinic at UT Health Physicians
  • Dr. Jane Lynch, professor of pediatrics and division chief for pediatric endocrinology at UT Health San Antonio
  • Roberta Washburn, CDE, RD, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with University Health System; nutrition and food safety instructor at the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio


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*This interview was recorded on Thursday, December 12.

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