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Safety, Equality Major Concerns For The Transgender Community

Ted Eytan CC BY-SA 2.0 http://bit.ly/2X17UKS

MONDAY at noon on "The Source" —  On June 1, Chynal Lindsey’s body was found in White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. Lindsey, a transgender woman of color, is yet another fatality in a disturbing trend of violence against transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.


Since 2013there has been a consistent rise in attacks on transgender people, the majority of whom are women of color.

One in fourtransgender people report experiencing hate-based attacks.

Other areas of concern for transgender individuals are barriers to health care, gender identification markers on legal documents, lack of media representation, and employment and housing discrimination.

June is National Pride Month. Posters, rainbow flags, and marches occupy streets in several cities. Pride festivals  are a time to celebrate achievements and a push towards greater acceptance and to remember victims of biased violence.

As Pride celebrations continue to grow, how do we ensure that one of the most vulnerable populations is not left behind?

What other issues do the transgender community face? What resources are available? How can allies both gay and straight help promote safety and equality for transgender individuals?


  • Heath Fogg Davis, is director of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies at Temple University in Philadelphia and author of "Beyond Trans: Does Gender Matter." 
  • Monica Roberts, founding editor of the TransGriot blog and media chair for the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition based in Dallas                                                                   
  • Erick Macias, board member of Pride Center of San Antonio

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