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Genetic Testing: The Benefits, Drawbacks, Ethics Of Finding Out What Makes You, You

Pixabay/Public Domain http://bit.ly/2HqNsz7

Genetic testing offers a peek into your own DNA and at-home kits can make the process even more accessible. What are the best practices for anyone looking to learn more about their genes?
From health and medical concerns to historical geneology to solving mysteries, there are many reasons to undertake genetic testing. 

Companies like 23andMe, Ancestry and Family Tree DNA are growing in popularity, standing out as cost-effective and convenient options. In 2017, more people took genetic ancestry tests than in all previous years combined.

But are these services overpromising their analytics? What about your privacy? What are the potential implications of a private company collecting and keeping genomic data?

What are the latest bioethical debates regarding genetic testing? What does genetic counseling look like and how do you know if it's right for you?

  • Katie Stoll, genetic counselor and executive director of the nonprofit Genetic Support Foundation
  • Dr. Jason Morrow, physician and ethicistat UT Health San Antonio and medical director for palliative care inpatient consultation at University Health System
  • Bonnie Petrie, bioscience and medicine reporter for Texas Public Radio

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This interview aired on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.

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