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Don't Shun The Sun: How To Protect Your Skin This Summer In Texas

Public Domain/Pixabay http://bit.ly/2kQRzYJ

Protecting the skin from excessive exposure to the sun and tanning devices is a key step to preventing future damage to your body's largest organ

On the skin's surface, the sun's ultraviolet rays can cause long-term marks and discoloration. Temporary conditions like sunburn or sun poisoning can be painful and illness-inducing. Other more serious skin conditions can go undetected for years.

More than 5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed annually. At least 4,000 Texans are expected to receive diagnoses this year for melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer of the skin is the most common but also the most preventable type of cancer.

There's no reasonable way to shun the sun altogether, nor should you. The human body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight and keeps your bones healthy. It can also help your "body clock" and even your mood. Psychiatrists recommend spending time outdoors in natural light.

What steps should you take to protect yourself and your loved ones from its potentially harmful effects? How much sun is too much?

How do you identify and treat signs of skin damage? What are the myths and facts about the sun's impact on the human body?

For more information on free screenings at the Travis Park Dermatology Clinic, click here.


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