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'To Disco With Love': Music, Culture, Politics In The 70s

Tambako (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Flickr http://bit.ly/2xG3oYS

The 1970s in America was the era of disco – the dance floor phenomenon that gave us "The Hustle," the Solid Gold Dancers, Donna Summer and "Saturday Night Fever." 

Counter to the sheen of corporate artificiality, the disco movement was born out of the New York underground and was a manifestation of gay liberation and an integration of the music styles of Motown, funk, electronic and salsa.

Disco dominated all aspects of American culture and media including fashion, film, and social change. The genre offered an escape from the otherwise drab sentiment that swept over America in the 1970s.

Then came the disco backlash, which became more than just a cyclical change in trends and taste. 

Guest: David Hamsley, author of "To Disco With Love: The Records That Defined An Era" 

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