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The Source: New Survey Shows Victims Of Crime Less Likely To Support Long Sentences, Incarceration

Ryan Loyd
TPR News


Yesterday President Obama commuted the sentence of a record breaking 214 federal prisoners. The move marks another in the continuing signs that the United States is rethinking how we accomplish justice and public safety.

As crime rates remain athistoric lows the calls for being tough on crime carry less weight than the past.
Sentencing laws and incarceration being reconsidered as more data on what works comes out.

Today the first national survey of victims of crime and their views on safety and justice was released today. It shows that far from being tougher on criminals they overwhelmingly endorse rehabilitation crime prevention, treatment and education over punitive measures and incarceration.

In a country that closely associates justice with punishment, are we ready for a change, are we already seeing it?


  • Lenore Anderson, President of the Alliance for Safety and Justice
  • Mike Gilbert, professor of criminal justice at UTSA and executive director at the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice.


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