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The Source: Fines And Other Changes Coming To City's Waste Program


Dirty diapers and crusty pizza boxes do not go in the blue recycling bin. These are just two of the trashy mistakes that the city of San Antonio would like to clean up. 

When it comes to putting the correct garbage in the correct bin 78 percent of San Antonio household are getting it right.

But David McCary the director of the solid waste management department for the City of San Antonio would like to see that number get to about 85 percent.

So the city has started fining folks who are chronic abusers of the recycling bin.

"Your aluminum cans - your plastics - your newspaper - your cardboard - your glass gets recycled in the blue cart - what the challenging part is those using the blue cart as a second trash can."

Speaking on TPR's The Source on Tuesday McCary said most people in San Antonio are trying to get recycling right and they do a pretty good job.  He says his department is not on a crumby crusade.  And as the organics green cart program reaches more neighborhoods in the city - there's another option for trash disposal.

"As our customers get the green cart we encourgage them to recycle but they are recyling their organic components so they are giving back their waste back to nature - so those pizza boxes place that in the green cart."

McCary said the city will provide warnings and photographs before issuing the $25 dollar fine.


  • David McCary, director of the Solid Waste Management Department for the City of San Antonio
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